On-again, off-again

I think this is more of a problem now that things have to be Facebook official, but it bothers me so much when people go from "in a relationship" to "single" to "in a relationship" several times within a single week.

Even before Facebook, it was always one of my biggest pet peeves when people would date multiple times, but Facebook makes it absolutely ridiculous.

I have one friend on Facebook that I actually think has broken up and gotten back together with her boyfriend every week since I've been friends with her.

It's excessive.

If you know that you break up a lot, just wait like, 48 hours before putting it on Facebook and spare us all the drama.


  1. So I hsould just keep my daily multiple divorces and remarriages to myself then? Because you know married/single is kinda more my drama style.

  2. Let me summarize your post: "You know what I hate, Teenagers."

    Ponder this. If a teenager breaks up with their sig-other in a forest and they don't have the means to immediately post it on Facebook, does anyone care about them?