Engagement Photos

Here's the deal with engagement photo shoots. They can be GREAT and adorable!

But people always seem to ruin them.

Here are the worst things to do in engagement photos:

1.) Wear matching outfits. Seriously, fastest way to make me vomit is wearing matching outfits in engagement photos. Yeah, you want your outfits to go together/not clash, but you don't need to wear matching navy blue shirts and white pants, or like, matching white tee shirts and blue jeans. It just makes it look like you don't know how to match.

2.) Don't smile. People think they're being cute by being seeeeerious in their engagement photos, but usually they just look STOOOPID. If you can do it without looking stupid, go for it. But staring at each other, or staring off into space while leaning your head on his shoulder, or sitting next to each other and looking in opposite directions usually looks terribly stupid. Most of the time you should just smile.

3.) Post EVERY picture on Facebook. Not all the pictures are cute. There should not be more than 100 pictures in your "Engagement Photos" album. You're supposed to pick and choose the best ones.

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  1. Me and my wife got ours done at Glamour Shots. She teased up her hair up really big and I wore a red fo-leather jacket...it was really classy.