I am appalled at the number of status updates I've seen today about people going to the midnight showing of the newest movie in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse.

I'm not going to explain every reason I hate Twilight, but just know that I have read it and I hate it.

Stephenie Meyer is potentially the worst author in recent history.

There is absolutely no plot development or anything interesting that happens in these books.

People should probably read real literature or at least books that have interesting plots.

In conclusion, I leave you with "Alex Reads Twilight," a chapter-by-chapter commentary of the first Twilight book.

(Disclaimer: These videos include colorful language.)


  1. Actually, there IS a plot, storyline, etc. Just because you don't LIKE the aforementioned plot, doesn't make it cease to exist.

    Besides, what exactly is "real" literature, anyway?

  2. I'm fairly certain the above poster is waiting in line to watch Eclipse at this very moment.....where they have undoubtedly been since 5 o' clock this morning.

  3. All right. Fair enough. Twilight has a plot. But it's a terrible awful horrible repetitive plot that focuses only on how SO VERY IMPORTANT it is to have a boyfriend.

    Bonus points if your boyfriend is MATURE and ONLY SERIOUS instead of someone who likes to have fun and/or makes you laugh.

    Extra bonus points if he's controlling, obsessive, paranoid, violent, moody, abusive, manipulative and likes to watch you sleep at night. While standing in a corner.

    Real literature is something recognized by critics as quality material. Not something that's popular.