People who spell my name wrong.

One of the first things you learn in Journalism school is that you can never, ever, under any circumstances, ever spell a name wrong. You check the spelling of Every. Single. Name. Even if it's something that should only have one spelling. "Amy" can be spelled "Aimee." "Tom" can be spelled "Thom."

People generally only have this pet peeve if they have a commonly-misspelled name.

So people with names like, I don't know, Ben, for example, don't get that it's annoying to address people with the name "Kristin" as "Kristen" in e-mails.

I think e-mails are the most annoying place to spell a name wrong because it's right there in front of you.

I literally just e-mailed you and signed it "Kristin," and then the first line of your response is "Hey Kristen?" Really?

Just pay attention!


  1. AGREE 100%
    This happens to my mom all the time. She's Cathy with a C not a K. Something that may help is to spell the other person's name wrong (for example Carol with a K) which is what my mom did to make the other person realize how your name is spelled.

  2. Kritstin. I completey agree!
    Journalism has ruined my introduction habits and writing habits... I always check for spelling... ALWAYS!
    Other people should too!!
    -Katie Masters