Customer Service. It's important, Target.

Last night, Matt and I went to Target.

After we were done shopping, we walked up to the register and had to wait several minutes for anyone to come over. There were two register lanes (5 and 6) with lights on, so we went to 5.

A minute or so later, an older cashier came over and said "I can help you on 6." So we started to walk over to register 6, but then we realized she was talking to someone just walking up. I was pretty upset that she didn't apologize to the other guy and help us first, since we had been waiting, but she didn't even acknowledge that we were there.

So we're still standing there waiting, and then finally these two girls walk up together. Their names are Hayley and Alivia. Yes, Alivia with an A.

They're having a nice little conversation, which is clearly too important to interrupt, so they go through the entire transaction without saying a word to us. When Hayley hands Matt his receipt she says "There ya go."

And that was it.

Worst customer service of my life.

I submitted a very well-written complaint.


  1. Good for you. Stick it to the man!

    p.s. I miss you!

  2. I would just like to say that the older lady would be Brenda, and she never moves from register 6, and whenever she gets there, if you're already working there, she's like "That's my register." She actually stands there until you move. Also, Hayley is a complete and total moron, and Alivia can be kinda rude quite often.

    I just wanted to add to the ranting, because I disliked all three of them when I worked there.