Stupid Customer Day is over!

Well today was Stupid Customer Day! AKA best day of the year!

1.) We don't do price adjustments on One Day Wonders. That's why they're called One Day Wonders! Emphasis on the "One Day." Don't ask me where it's posted on the signs. It's company policy. And it's also self explanatory.

2.) Don't show up at noon if we opened at 7 and get mad that we don't have any flip flops left. If you cared about your precious $1 flip flops so much, you could have gotten up early.

3.) There is a limit of five. If you want more than five, you have to wait in line again. Do not complain about having to wait in line again. You're getting flip flops for a dollar each. I don't want to hear a single complaint.

PS: Don't call me asking ridiculous things like "What time do you open?" and "Are your flip flops a dollar today?" If you're calling me asking this at 9 o'clock, we're going to be sold out by the time you get here.

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