Rude Study Lounge Behavior

Here are some rude things that have been happening in the study lounge today.

1.) People playing ping pong. I get that there's a ping pong table in the room because it's the basement and it's kind of a chill lounge slash study lounge. And any other time, I would be respectful and leave if they were bothering me. But honestly? It's finals week. The guys playing ping pong were talking about their finals and joking about how the one has Calc 3 tomorrow but he's not worried about it. Really?

2.) People playing pool. (See above.)

3.) People talking loudly. Talking is fine. Talking and laughing the whole time you're in the study lounge is not.

4.) A couple studying together and sitting a little too close, which led to some light kissing, which is never study lounge appropriate. Scratch that first part, they weren't even studying. I thought they were going to study, but they actually just talked for about thirty minutes, never opened their backpacks, and left.

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