Parking at the boat docks

Okay, so my mom, Matt and I went to the Greenwood boat docks today, because Mom walks there and Matt and I were just going to sit on a bench and read or whatever.

They're doing construction on the main part of the boat docks, which has a big parking lot and a playground and stuff. So there's only a little bit of parking, right beside where the walking track starts.

There are about ten parking spots, and they're basically all taken, but there are two spots open next to each other. The spots don't really have very distinct lines separating them, but it's clear that this space is big enough for two cars.

Well there's this car in front of us pulling into the space, and we're right behind it; I think it's pretty obvious that we're trying to park, but she parks dead in the middle of the space.

So we're just kind of staring at them as they get out, like excuse me, I'd really like to go for a walk, could you scoot your car over a few feet since there's plenty of space for both of us, and it's like she doesn't even notice that we're there.

I just don't understand.

Move your car.


  1. HAHAHA!! OMG! I totally feel your pain! I can also hear your high pitched voice screaming from inside the car like your sister would do! I went there a few weeks ago to jog before fire training one evening and as I parked, there were some extremely shady looking people hanging out there. I pulled in a spot, sat there for about 3 minutes scoping out the crowd, then decided I wasn't gonna leave me car unattended there and I left!

  2. Ugh - Inconsiderate...

    I miss you.

  3. You so should have said something to them.