Bad behavior at the zoo

There are two terrible things you can do at the zoo.

The first is banging on glass/trying to provoke the animals. Like, there are signs on a good number of the cages that say "The animals can tap on the glass but YOU CAN'T" and things like that. I'm not going to get into the ethics of zoos and the pros and cons and stuff, but I'm pretty sure that the animals don't like for us to tap on the glass or yell at them.

The second thing is feeding the animals. I went to the Toledo Zoo with my parents over the weekend and these people had thrown a cereal bar or something to the meerkats right before we walked over. So first of all, DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS, DUH.

But secondly, I was so mad because they tried to act like they hadn't done it! As soon as we got over there they started being like "Oh, what's that they're eating? Is it some sort of meat pellet or something?" Okay, we're not stupid. I saw them put the wrapper in their pocket, and it's not like the zookeepers would put the food right out beside the ledge. It was just really dumb. And then they were walking behind us and I don't know if they thought we couldn't hear them or what, but they were giggling and talking about how they totally fooled us, and we had no idea that they had fed the meerkats and blah blah blah.

I seriously turned to my mom and was like "I think the people that fed those meerkats think we're stupid."

And then five minutes later they were trying to coax a monkey over to them with a branch.

What is WITH some people?

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