Ugh, shoplifters are so rude and pretty much inexcusable.

I just don't understand the mindset that it's okay for you to take whatever you want. I especially think it's ridiculous to steal clothes because it's not like you need them to survive.

If you are literally starving and steal a loaf of bread, I don't want you to get arrested. But for real, if you have a designer bag and are stealing clothes, that's just completely ridiculous!

Not only is it rude to the company and the employees, but it's also rude to EVERY OTHER PERSON who pays for clothes because that's just what you're supposed to do.



  1. Wrong. Shoplifting doesn't really hurt anyone but the giant corporation that you're stealing from. Employee's still get paid the same shitty wages no matter what happens. As for the corporation, fuck them. A CEO with a million dollar salary is more of a theif than a shoplifter. No one ever deserves that much money. Stealing from people or small businesses is wrong in my eyes but large companies are powerhouses of industry with little conscience. They make wage slaves of their employee's and leave people with the desire for more than they can afford because they under pay them and make lots of profit. - Cory Harned

  2. @Cory Harned

    Wrong. Shoplifting is stealing. Get with the times.