Holding doors is awkward.

The door-holding process is so awkward. There are just so many things you have to take into consideration!

First of all, how far is too far? If you're walking through the door and there's someone five steps behind you, do you hold the door open? What about ten steps? What is the appropriate distance?

And if someone decides to hold the door open and they're way too far in front of you, do you speed up to accommodate them or do you just let them wait because they're the one that chose to wait for you?

Also, if they're holding more than one door open for you, do you have to say thanks both times?

Today, I had a really awkward experience. I was going into the Natural Sciences building, which has two sets of double doors, one right inside of the other, and this guy wasn't going to hold the door open for me even though he was only like three steps ahead of me.

There was another guy coming out the other door. I went in through the door the first guy had gone through, even though I had to hold it open for myself. Then when I got to the space in between the two sets of doors, the first guy had gone through the door on the left because the second guy had been holding it open.

So I move to the left to go through that door, and that's when I realized they were both holding the door open for me.

This made me feel really awkward, so I just said a blanket thanks, and went inside. Guy 1 was heading toward the door to the stairs, which was also my destination. So then he holds the door open for me and lets me go in first, which meant I was walking ahead of him.

I would really prefer opening doors for myself for the rest of my life to having to have awkward experiences like that so often.

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! I mean, I hate to complain because I really do appreciate the few guys who act like gentlemen consistently. But some guys don't bother at all and some do so whenever they feel like it and you're not sure whether to reach for the door yourself or not. Also: when you're walking with a guy friend and you get to the door, do you fall back and expect him to get it, or take a long step and get it yourself? Either way becomes awkward if you guessed wrong.