Checkout Line Romance

I was on register at the Naves today and this couple was like, making out. It was more of a series of pecks, but it was several in a row, and it continued the entire time they were checking out. It made me really uncomfortable.

And here's the kicker:

They had a kid!

So she's just standing there in between her parents kissing, and I'm ringing them up and feeling like I can't even look at them. And then, the wife goes "Aww you're being cheap."

And the husband is like "What do you mean?"

And the wife says, "You're being cheap with your kisses. Sweetheart, daddy's being cheap with his kisses!"

EXCUSE ME. You shouldn't be kissing at all, this is a CLOTHING STORE! So I'm sorry, but if you want to make out instead of "just" pop-kissing over and over, please go elsewhere! And please don't involve your child in it!

That is all.

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