Today at Old Navy...

Work today was absolutely ridiculous.

1.) I got two people to sign up for an Old Navy card, but they both already had a card. Like...what? You aren't allowed to sign up if you already have one, duhh. And then they both acted like they just forgot. SO weird. Also, it doesn't count toward my cards if it's a duplicate, so I was all excited both times and then it was such a let-down.

2.) Some of the original spring dresses we had are going to clearance, but they literally just went to clearance on Sunday, and it's now Tuesday. So they're not that cheap. But, seeing as they're clearance, they're marked with a little orange sticker telling how much they are. This lady brings a maxi dress up to me and asks how much it is. As if there isn't a sticker on it or something. Just, "How much is this?" I look at the tag and say "$23.99." And she's like "Oh, really?" And I'm like "...Yeah." And she's still just looking at me so I scan it to humor her and I say, "Yeah, it's $23.99." "Oh well then I don't want it." Well FINE THEN, get away from my register if you're not buying anything!

There are more but I think these are sufficient to convey the idea of how stupid people were today.

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