I was called a Nazi today. I don't know how many states do this, because Kentucky doesn't, but Michigan is a state that does. Drivers licenses in Michigan can be swiped like a credit card and then you don't have to type in the customer's license number when they use a check.

Which is super convenient and great.

So when I swipe this lady's license, she FREAKS OUT! She's like "Oh my, they're treating us like the Germans treated the Jews."

So I didn't really acknowledge her because she was with her daughter and granddaughter, so I figured she was talking to them.

Then I hand her her license back and she KEEPS freaking out. She says it at least two more times, and I really just didn't know what to say because it was so awkward.

Like...this is not something Nazis do.

And who uses checks anymore? They're so inconvenient.

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  1. All of your ads on the side are about check and credit cards - bah ha ha!