Valentine's Day

It's terrible!

I'm not a sad lonely person. (I have a boyfriend, promise!)

But Valentine's Day is the absolute worst thing! All the obvious arguments here hold true:

--Why can't you just show your love for one another every day instead of setting aside a separate day for it? If you really love someone you shouldn't have to be reminded.

--It's seriously just for the money the card companies get.

--Single people have been conditioned to feel crappy on Valentine's Day because they don't have someone to love. As if it doesn't already suck enough to be single if you don't want to be!

--Even if having a day to celebrate love was a sweet, nice thing, it's ruined by the stress of getting presents. Men are forced to spend ridiculous amounts of money on roses and other things whose prices get jacked up just for the holiday.

There are more reasons but it's 7:57 am.

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