I'm taking this anatomy class, and the teacher is the worst teacher I've ever had.

He's kind of precious.

But mostly just super annoying.

It's an 8:30 class and it's solely lecture-based. So he'll be lecturing from his PowerPoint and he'll get off on this tangent and tell us a story that has nothing to do with the slide, and we'll end up spending like fifteen minutes on one slide. That's not an exaggeration, we have actually spent more than 10 minutes on about two slides per class.

Here's an example of the tangents he goes on:

Today, we were talking about something that was not the tongue, but there was a picture on the slide of some part of the body that was located near the tongue. He points to it and says "The tongue would be about right here if it was in this picture."

He then proceeds to tell us that the tongue is actually a really long muscle and that some people can stick their tongue out farther than other people, but you have to have strong muscles to do it.

Then he asks us if we read the Sunday comics yesterday because there was "a Peanuts cartoon-- an old one, of course, since there aren't any new ones anymore-- about--Well, something about Charlie Brown and Lucy and, Oh whatever, I hadn't meant to tell you this story, but what the heck. Anyway Charlie Brown and Lucy are talking about something and Charlie Brown mentions how people's tongues are really big and when you're talking you can feel it moving around in your mouth, and then Lucy starts thinking about her tongue moving around in her mouth and then all of a sudden it's all she can think about!"



The other terrible part about this teacher is that he can't just say "I don't know" in response to a question. He has to make some sort of effort to make up an answer.

This girl asked something about asthma, and that really doesn't have anything to do with this class because it's an anatomy class, not a disorders class. So the teacher is like, "Well, I don't really know because that's not my area of expertise, but you know, I do kind of think that could maybe have an effect on what we're talking about here, but again, I'm not a doctor so don't quote me on that. That might be something you would want to ask your doctor or you could always google that. You know, I thought I might have asthma, I went to my doctor a few weeks ago to see and he hasn't called me back yet, I should probably call him. But you know, you shouldn't have to call your doctor, he should call you. But I guess if he doesn't call you that's a good sign because that means there probably isn't anything wrong. But I really don't like that he hasn't called me."

At that point someone had raised her hand. He called on her.

"Well, I have asthma, and..."

Shoot me.

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