Old Navy Repetition

There are things at Old Navy that only bother me because they happen so often.

Here's an example: Every time there is a transaction using a debit or credit card, I have to tell people to slide their card again because they never wait long enough for it to load. This is a perfectly understandable mistake to make, especially because so many card readers (like the ones at Meijer, for instance) allow you to slide your card at the beginning of the transaction. Ours just don't work like that, and while I don't blame people for not knowing, it gets SO annoying to have to say it over and over.

Number two: Getting interrupted when I offer the Old Navy Card. I have a set thing that I say. Here it is. "Do you have an Old Navy card with us?" (They answer yes, it stops there. They answer no:) "I can save you 10% today if you're approved for one, it takes less than a minute and you'll start earning 5% back on every purchase you make with us!" That is not a long thing to say at all. Like seriously, just let me say the whole thing. You're not saving my breath by stopping me, because if you interrupt me in the middle of the sentence, I'm going to sigh heavily. Also, I WILL be rude to you for the rest of the transaction if you interrupt me. If you say no after listening to my sentence proposition, I will still be perfectly polite. But interrupting is just rude, okay?


  1. Yes, but some people also don't like to be offered credit cards every where they go, and then once they say no, be given all of the reasons why they should apply anyway. :(

  2. Well some stores will write you up if you don't offer it more than once. If you don't want to be offered a credit card don't shop. I don't ge pissed off when I go to the movies and they ask if I want to upgrade for $.25 more. Also, stop blaming the reason for not wanting one on your husband is going to kill you, no ones husband is that psycho, and if they are then maybe you should be killed for marrying a known killer.