Joint facebook account?

This guy I knew from a long time ago added me on Facebook recently.

Or so I thought.

When I looked closer, I realized that it was actually him and his wife and they were SHARING their Facebook account. The name was structured like: "hisfirstname-herfirstname lastname."

There are a couple of things I find weird about this.

First of all, anytime they update or comment on anything, they put their name at the end of the post. So he commented on my status and ended it with his name. If you're going to get a joint Facebook acount, comment on things as a couple, don't make distinctions. They even do this on status updates, which is even worse. I especially think the status updates should be done together.

The second thing I don't like about this is sort of because of the first thing. A status update from these people popped up in my news feed and it was from her, and I've never met her. I have no idea who she is. It was a really weird feeling because I don't add people on Facebook who I don't know, and here's this girl I don't know popping up in my news feed!

It just makes me uncomfortable.

Also, I don't understand at all why you would want to get an account together.

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