Old Navy Clearance

I work at Old Navy. There are two types of clearance at Old Navy. Sometimes, clearance is priced as marked, and sometimes it is an additional 50% off.

People have a lot of trouble with this for some reason, even though we clearly mark everything with lots and lots of signs.

When the clearance is as marked, the signs say "Up to 50% off." I realize that is a little misleading, but if customers were paying attention, which they should...because the signs are literally right in front of their faces...the signs also say "Prices as marked." So if the "Up to" isn't enough to let you know that it isn't additional, the signs clarify even further.

I don't mind that much if people are looking through clearance and they simply ask me, "So is the price on the sticker the actual price or is it more off?" That's not so bad. What IS bad is when they get up to the register and things aren't ringing up as more off than they were marked and the customer says "Oh it's an extra 50% off, right?"

After that, I usually say something along the lines of "Oh, no, I'm sorry, the signs say 'Up to 50% off.'"

And more often than you would think, the customers will STILL respond with something like, "No, they said an additional 50%."

OH! You know what? My bad. The signs must have switched themselves, because I could have sworn when I was back there cleaning up your mess for the first three hours of my shift, the sign I was staring at said "Up to."


Anyway, sometimes, like right now, we have an additional 50% off. This is even more ridiculous, because nobody chooses to believe it even though we have big signs up in the windows AND the small signs now say "Take an additional 50% off the lowest price." Every customer is completely surprised by this fact, even though it's really not that hard to understand.

Now again, I don't mind if they simply ask for clarification.

Today, however, there was this fella who just could not understand for anything. I told him "Yes, an additional 50% off of the LOWEST marked price." He didn't understand. I showed him a pair of jeans, pointed at the clearance sticker that said $22.49 and said "So these pants are marked as $22 so they would end up costing about $11." Then he seemed to understand.

I walked away, and the next time I walked by him he was asking one of my coworkers the exact same thing! Really? Is it really that hard to get?

Up to means prices are as marked, and an additional means prices are not as marked. The end. Thank you.

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