Hair on my desk.

Because it's the first week of classes, this is something that's been on my mind a lot. One of my all-time biggest pet peeves is when girls with long hair sit in front of me and their hair ends up on my desk. There are various things that can go wrong here.

First of all, depending on how long the girl's hair is, it can cause serious problems with writing. Sometimes it fans out over your notebook and you can't move it because they can feel it, and then they turn around and look at you like you're crazy because you're touching their hair.

The second, and I sometimes feel worse, problem is when they have long curly hair, because then it comes toward you in little tendrils and it doesn't go all the way down to the desk so it's even closer to your face!

I'm just saying, get your hair under control and don't flip it over the back of your chair.


  1. Love this... Also, it's Anna from art class/graphic design class...

    I hate long hair and am slowing becoming a long hair person.

    Andrew our BFF also have long hair.

  2. It's so true! I hate hate hate this and the girl currently sitting in front of me did it last week and I was upset.