Becoming a fan of things on Facebook

I am a fan of 27 things on Facebook. They are all businesses, bands and other things that can actually give me updates.

I never understood becoming a fan of things just because it's one of those funny things that everyone seems to agree on.

"When I was your age we had Kenan and Kel, not Drake and Josh."
"I love waking up to see I have more time to sleep."
"No, spellcheck, that's my name, not a misspelling."

Yeah, these are nice things to make small talk about, all those nice little remember-whens and "oh-isn't-it-so-funny-whens." But there is no need to become a fan of it on Facebook and receive updates from it. It's not going to tell you anything new!

Recently, it's been getting even worse, though, because they've started to get serious.

I've seen fan pages like:

"'You've changed.' Yeah, it's called GROWING UP. I think you should try it."
"Making drug tests required to get welfare."


I just think it's becoming way too serious.

My biggest problem with this is that it's always the same people who become a fan of everything. I have some friends who are fans of over 500 pages on Facebook. That's just excessive, okay?


  1. Maybe those people were never loved as children and they are looking to be accepted...?

  2. I feel like when it gets to the point where it says, "Rebecca Timberlake became a fan of 'Blahblahblah' and 9 OTHER PROFILES." that's when we have a problem. If you've become a fan of so many pages in the recent past that Facebook thinks it's too much to name them explicitly, you need to get some help. lol